San Diego Business Leadership Alliance

BLA is a business federation comprised of business advocacy organizations from throughout the San Diego/Imperial/Tijuana Region. We are Chambers of Commerce, Economic Development Corporations and trade associations, representing over 8,100 businesses and 417,000 employees, working together to strengthen the voice for business.

San Diego Business Leadership Alliance

Collaboratively Strengthening the Voice of Business

Our mission is to effectively align and mobilize the strength of the collective voice of our region’s business advocacy organizations in order to promote job growth.

Collaboratively Strengthening the Voice of Business

Every Business Voice Matters

Working together we are raising the voice of business in our region.

Every Business Voice Matters

Creating the Forum for Regional Business Advocacy

Only BLA provides the forum for diverse business interests to organize and tap into the collective power of over fifty jobs advocacy organizations, 8,100 businesses and 417,000 employees in San Diego County.

The Power of Numbers

Through the power of our aggregated numbers, the message to elected officials is pay attention – this issue is critical to economic vitality in this region.

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BLA Annual Update

BLA now counts over fifty business advocacy organizations among its membership, all dedicated to working together to strengthen the voice of business in the San Diego Region.

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